Node js Design Pattern, Using the exercise files

This course has a set of exercise files that you can download and follow along with which will allow you to work alongside of me with the exact same files that I’ll be working on. In the exercise files folder you’ll find subfolders for each chapter and a corresponding subfolder for each of the videos where we’ll be working on a code.

In each video subfolder you’ll find a start folder and a finished folder. You can run the lessons and examples in your Terminal from either of these folders. In every lesson the main file is called index.js so you can simply run it in your console.

It is important to understand that we are not finished in every finished folder. We may only be halfway through implementing a pattern so not every finished folder will contain working files.We also don’t use any NPMs. Well, we actually use one NPM. In lesson 4_11 the finished folderwe use an NPM called Morse and I’ve actually included the node modules for that NPM inside of your exercise files. Throughout the course I’ll be using the Atom text editor which is available at if you would like to download and install it.

However, you can follow along in any text editor or development IDE of your choice. Well, that’s all we should need for setup so let’s go ahead and begin learning Node.js design patterns.

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