Learn word 2016, Using the thesaurus, research, and translation tools

Aside from ensuring your document is grammatically correct and there are no spelling errors, there are other proofing tools that might come in handy. For example, you want to make sure you’re using the right word.

If you happen to be using the same word over and over, maybe there’s another word that means the same thing, a synonym. Well, there is a built-in thesaurus. Or, maybe you want to look up information, or define a certain word you’re having trouble with, even translate. These are tools we’re going to look at as we continue with our Landon Hotel Guide document here. We left off here on page seven.

If you skip to this movie, just open up LH Guide 1103. Come on down here to page seven, and this is where we’re going to continue from. Let’s go to the very first paragraph here. Forget the hustle and bustle, and we’ll go to the second line where we see the word “Welcoming.”

Well, maybe we’re using the word “Welcoming” too many times in this document. Let’s right click “Welcoming.” You’ll notice from the pop-up menu, we can.

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