Learn word 2016, Using tab stops and indents

When working with paragraphs in a Word 2016 document, there may be times when you want to indent things like the first line in a paragraph or the entire paragraph. Or maybe you want things lined up centered, or on a decimal place.

We’re going to talk about using tab stops and indents as we continue with our press release document, LH_press_release0405, if you need to get caught up with me. All right, first thing we want to make sure is that the ruler is visible in your document. So go up to the View tab, and if ruler is not already checked off, make sure it is by giving it a click.

Now we’ll go back to the Home tab, and we’re going to scroll down to the second page. And let’s click after this paragraph right before the heading, ABOUT THE LONDON HOTEL SAN FRANCISCO. We’ll click right after “walking distance,” and press enter on the keyboard to add a new paragraph.

Let’s type in a title here. Let’s say we want to list our meeting rooms, the number seats, as well as the cost to rent them out per day. So we’ll type in, “About our Meeting Rooms.”

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