Learn word 2016, Using headers, footer, and page numbering

On some occasions you’re going to want repeating information in your Word documents. Maybe longer documents you need to see title information at the top of every page. How about page numbering, that’s information that appears on every page that you choose.

Sometimes it’s just simply company information scrolled across the bottom. Well, we’re talking about headers, footers, and page numbering and we’re going to apply it to this document called “LH_Guide0502.” You’ll find it in the chapter five folder of your exercise files and as we scroll through this document you can see it’s six pages in length, check out the bottom left hand corner of your screen there.

You can see there’s some formatting but there’s more to do. And at the top of every page and at the bottom of every page we’re not seeing anything at the moment but there is a space there.

For example, if you go into the top of page one with your mouse and double click, you’ll notice you’re inside the header area. Notice also a design tab opens up for headers.

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