Learn word 2016, Using a table to organize text and graphics

When working with pictures in a Word document, specifically pictures that need to stay lined up with text, as we see on the first page of our Landon Hotel guide, well we can manually move things around as we did in previous movies. You can open up LH Guide0904 if you need to get caught up.

What happens if we go into, let’s say, the title after In this month’s issue, click there after the colon and press Enter? You can see we need to type an extra line. All of the sudden, all of our text gets pushed down, our images don’t, things don’t line up anymore. We add our content and we have go through the process of lining things up again.

Makes no sense. Press your Backspace key a couple of times to go back, and instead, a great option for keeping things lined up is to put them into a table, even better, an invisible table. That’s what we’re going to do right now. So the first step is to get the table in there. Let’s just click above the image of the double decker bus. That’s a blank line. We’ll insert our table first.

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