Learn word 2016, Undoing and redoing actions

One thing you may already know about Microsoft Word, including Word 2016, is that it can be forgiving. If you perform tasks that maybe you performed by accident, mistakes are made, they can be undone. And if you want to undo what you’ve undone you can use Redo functionality.

It’s all built in and we’re going to take a look at it now as we can continue with our Landon Hotel Press Release document, LH_press_release0205 if you want to get caught up with me. All right, let’s say we go into the very first line for immediate release.

We click in the left margin to select it and what we really want to do is Bold it, maybe change the formatting and accidentally we hit our Backspace key and it’s gone. Well we don’t have to type it out again, all we have to do is undo what we just did.

You can go up to the Quick Access bar above the ribbon here in the top left corner, and click the Undo button. Notice there’s a keyboard shortcut here as well, Ctrl + z. Either way, when you click or type Ctrl + z you Undo what you just did.


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