Learn word 2016, Setting proofing and auto correct options

As your creating your documents in Word 2016, especially those that you plan on sharing with others, you’ll want to make sure they’re grammatically correct. There are no spelling errors, you’re using the right language, the right words in the right places, and so on.

Well, there are a number of proofing tools built-in to Word to help you with that and we’re going to explore them in this chapter. Starting with some of the options that are turned on automatically to help you and where we go to make adjustments. So, as you can see I have a new blank document in front of me. Just click the file tab, new, and then blank document, and you’ll have what I have.

Let’s test this out. We’ll start by typing in a sentence without using a capital at the beginning, “to whom it may concern.” Type in lowercase “t-o”, hit the space bar, it’s capitalized for you.

All right, we’ll finish that off. Press enter a couple of times. Let’s type in “welcome,” but with a lowercase “w”. “welcome”, space, and it’s capitalized for us, as well.

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