Learn word 2016, Sending documents via email

Now that your document is ready to be shared, there are a number of different ways to do it. One of the most popular ways to share a document is to send it via Email. And here in Word 2016 there are a number of different Email options to choose from.

We’re going to explore them now with our Landon Hotel Guide document. Open up LH_Guide1202. If you’ve skipped to this movie, let’s go up to File, click there, and then go down to Share. When you select Share, you’ll see a number of sharing options. Sharing with People, which involves saving to the Cloud, we’ll talk about that in a couple of movies.

There’s Email right there. We could Present Online and even Post to a Blog directly from here. But when we select Email, look at all the Email options you have to choose from. Sending as an Attachment is the most popular option.

This will allow you to create an Email on the fly and the document will automatically be attached. Now, you will be sending copies of your document to everyone. And if they’re going to be working on those copies.

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