Learn word 2016, Restricting formatting to a selection os styles

Later in this course we’ll be talking about different ways to share and collaborate on documents and if you’re going to be doing that down the road, you may want to make it so that people who are contributing and maybe accessing your document will not be able to change the formatting or at least some of the formatting, it’s up to you.

Yes, we can restrict the formatting of a document if we’re going to be sharing it with others to collaborate. Let’s see how that’s done and we’ll continue with our press release document we were working with in the previous movie.

Open up LH_press_release0605 though if you’re getting caught up. So we’ve used some styles, we have a style set that we created, a theme that we created. It’s all being used in this document.

You can see the formatting of the document and now we want to share it with other people so they can have their input but we don’t want them playing around with the formatting. If they go in and start formatting things the way we don’t want, they’re wasting time.

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