Learn word 2016, Rearranginig text with cut, copy, and paste

If you have text that needs to be relocated within a document or maybe duplicated throughout a document or maybe copied to a different document or elsewhere, you’ll need to know how to cut, copy, and paste and that’s what we’re going to do in this movie with our Landon Hotel press release document we’re been working with in this chapter.

And if you need to get caught up, just open up LHpressrelease0203. Let’s start with something simple. Down below where we see the name Jonathan Perfington, then media contact, then the title, it looks like these first two lines have been flipped around and need to be fixed.

I think media contact should come first and then Johnathan Perfington down below. So we need to use some selection techniques we’ve learned in the previous movie. Let’s move media contact out of there by going into the left hand margin and clicking once.

You can see how it selects the entire line, plus that extra space representing the hard return. Well, we can do the cut a couple of different ways. Let’s go up to the home tab of the ribbon.

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