Learn word 2016, Printing your documents

When you’re ready to print out your documents here in Word 2016, there are a number of different options to explore, which we’re going to do right now. And we’re going to do it with our Landon Hotel press release document you’ll find in the Chapter 1 folder of your exercise files.

First step is to go to the File tab to go to backstage view and select Print. And it’s from here where you’ll see a number of options including a view of your document the way it’s going to be printed. Let’s go over here first.

As you view your document, you’ll see the number of pages down in the bottom left corner, and you can move through those pages using the navigation arrows. You can also choose a zoom level. By default, the zoom level is going to allow you to see a full page, but we can change that.

We can click the plus sign if we want to, to zoom in at 10 percent intervals. Go right to the center for 100 percent. There we go. And that lets you see exactly the way it’s going to appear on paper. And we can go from page to page.

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