Learn word 2016, Inserting new text

Microsoft Word 2016 is a word processing application, so obviously, you’re going to be working with words or text. Well in this chapter, we’re going to focus on text, beginning with simply inserting text. We will be working with this file, LH press release0201, if you want to get that ready.

But we’re going to begin in this movie with a new blank document. So I want to show you a couple tricks. Let’s go to File, select New, and select Blank Document.

With a blank document you’re ready to start typing. In the very top left corner, you can see the flashing cursor. It’s just a matter of typing away. So let’s type in something like MEMORANDUM in all caps and press Return. No problem. Now what if you wanted to type something in the center over here?

Notice as you move your mouse pointer around, the I beam pointer shows you a little tip about text alignment. Over here on the left half of the page, you can see the text alignment will appear to be left aligned.

As I move to the center of the page, it changes to display center alignment, and as I move.

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