Learn word 2016, Inserting an excel table for calculation and charts

If you’ve been following along in this chapter, we’ve been working quite extensively with tables, which are somewhat powerful, allow us to do a lot of different formatting, but when we want real power, like we get from Microsoft Excel, we should actually insert an Excel spreadsheet, something you can do.

And we’re going to do it with this file called LH_Profits0809. You can see I’ve clicked down below, my cursor’s flashing, waiting for me to insert some figures. But instead of creating a table and adding those figures, and using the limited functionality that’s built into a Word table, I can get full functionality from an Excel spreadsheet by doing that.

Let’s go up to the Insert tab, as though we’re going to insert a table, click that drop-down, and you’ll see past the table options we get Excel Spreadsheet.

And when you click there you’re actually going to be creating your Excel spreadsheet right here in the document. There’s cell A1, waiting for your input, so let’s say we did want to track our profits by city.


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