Learn word 2016, Editing and formatting lists

The beauty of creating lists here in Word 2016 that use automatic bullets or automatic numbering is what happens when you go to make changes to those lists.

We’re going to talk about editing lists as well as formatting them in this movie, and we’re going to continue with our London Hotel press release document we’ve been working with in the previous movie, where we created our list, but if you skipped to this movie and need to get caught up you can by opening up LH_press_release0702 from the Chapter 7 folder of your Exercise Files. All right, let’s start with our numbered list.

Notice that we have a number down the left-hand side, and then we have letters where we have our sub-numbering. In this case, we see the standard numbers that we chose with periods, and then we see lowercase letters for those sub-items.

Well, what if we wanted to create some new sub-items over here over Contact Administration? That’s maybe just one of the options. So let’s click in front of Contact and type in Choose method, and press “Return”.

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