Learn word 2016, Customizing the ribbon

Well now that we know how to customize the way Microsoft Word behaves, we can also customize the way it looks. In the previous movie, we left off here looking at some of the Save settings. Clicking “OK” is going to save your changes and close this up.

Because we’re going to focus on the ribbon, and there is a ribbon category in those options but before we go back to that, I want you to see in the bottom right corner of the ribbon, the little arrow which is going to allow you to collapse it, creates a little more real estate. Ctrl + F1 is the keyboard shortcut, give it a click.

It disappears, but the tabs still appear across the top so we could go back to the Home tab by clicking. It opens it up temporarily, when we go back to our document, it’s collapsed.

Now if you prefer to have it up there all the time go to any one of these tabs and click, and go down to the bottom right corner, and click the push pin or use the same keyboard shortcut, ctrl + F1. That locks it in and now we can collapse it the next time we want to get rid of it.


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