Learn word 2016, Customizing the quick access toolbar

While the ribbon does give us fairly quick access to many of the commands we’ll use here in Microsoft Word, and everything’s sorted by tabs and groups within those tabs. Well, even quicker access to commonly used commands can be achieved using the Quick Access Toolbar.

It’s the top left hand corner of your screen and it has some default buttons showing up there already like the Save button. Here’s where we go to save our changes quickly, or undo things or redo them or repeat them from here as well.

But you’ll notice the very last button up here is a Customized Quick Access Toolbar drop down button. Give it a click. You’ll see some commands that we can turn on and off right from the list. Anything with a check mark is already there like Save, Undo and Redo.

I have Touch/Mouse Mode showing up here with a check mark as well. But, I use Open all the time, I want that there too so I’m going to click Open and it now appears up at the top. Same thing for New, I’ll click the drop down and choose New.

Now, if I want to customize this even further.


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