Learn word 2016, Creating new tables from scratch

Newspaper columns are an excellent way to create a different look for your documents, maybe make it a little bit easier to read. But things are not always going to line up when you start to add or remove content. Your content is going to snake down to the bottom of column one, up to column two and around.

When you need things to line up, you’ll probably want to use a different type of column, and that is a table. A table allows you to break up content into columns, but also into rows that will always line up.

So as you can see, I’ve opened up a document here, at least the beginnings of a document. It’s called LH_prices0802. You’ll find it in the Chapter 8 folder of your exercise files. We have a title, Landon Hotel Price List. Let’s just click down below to get our cursor flashing in the left-hand margin, where we want to create this list.

Well, using a table will allow us to choose the number of columns, but also to keep things lined up in as many rows as we need. And there are a couple of different ways to insert a table.

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