Learn word 2016, Creating and saving quick parts

When using building blocks here in Word 2016, you can save yourself a lot of time building documents based on things that already exist. And if there are things that you wish already existed, building blocks of your own, good news is you can create them, even call them quick parts where you’ll have easy access to them from a gallery.

That’s what we’re going to do in this movie with our press release document we’ve been working with. You can open LH press release1004 if you need to get caught up. Let’s say For Immediate Release, this title here, is something that we put in with this contact information at the top of every press release.

So we can go to the left margin, click and drag down, include the date, Media Contact, the name, and the title. That’s all we need, and this goes in at the top of every press release. So we don’t want to have to input this every time. We select it all.

Next we go up to the Insert tab on the ribbon, make sure it’s selected before going to the Text group over here on the right hand side.


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