Learn word 2016, Converting existing text to a table

Creating a table here in Word 2016 and filling it up is really a simple process. We already learned that. But what if you already have the content?

I know of people who’ve created their tables when they have the content already and then they cut and paste that content into their table or recreate it, but if you have the content already and you’re using consistent separators, like we see in this document, LH_prices0803, you can open that up from you chapter eight folder of your Exercise Files.

When we click anywhere in this content we can see from the ruler that left align tab stops are being used to separate the data.

And it’s the same for every single line, that’s important. Now we could use commas, or spaces, even something like dashes if you wanted to, so long as it’s consistent you can convert this text into a table. And that’s what we’re going to do right now. We’re going to start by selecting the content we want in the table, so let’s go into the left margin next to the very first word, Location, and click and drag straight down to include every line.

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