Learn word 2016, Comparing and combining documents

We already know that if you’re going to share documents and people are going to make changes to copies of your document that are not shared online, tracking changes can really help. That way, you as the author get to see where changes were made, what changes were made.

You can accept or reject them. But what happens if you share a copy of your document with someone who forgets to turn on Track Changes? You don’t want to have to go through the document comparing it to the original document, highlighting what changes were made and maybe make those changes yourself.

There is an option here in Word that will allow you to compare documents, even combine them into one. So as you can see, I’ve closed up anything I was working on. You can do the same. And go to the Review tab on the ribbon because we’re actually going to compare documents.

There it is, click the drop down, and you can see there are two options here: Compare two documents, it’s called legal blackline, it allows us to see the changes and accept and reject those changes.


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