Learn word 2016, Changing word default setting

As we’ve been working through the various chapters in this course you may have noticed certain behaviors happening in the background with Microsoft Word. For example, if you want to open up this document LH_GuideFinal you’ll find it in the Chapter 14 folder of your Exercise files, or work with any document.

As we click and drag across words you can see the entire word automatically gets selected even though we haven’t gone all the way across with our mouse. Maybe that bothers you, you like to be able to choose individual characters and you find it difficult. And, when you select content like this and let go the mini toolbar opens up giving you options.

That can be handy, or it can get int the way if you don’t like it. Well, these are the types of things you can turn on and off in Microsoft Word, so we’re going to look at some of those options now.

Let’s go up to the File tab in the top left corner, click there and then select Options way down at the bottom. We’ll start with some of the General settings and you can see right at the top under User Interface.


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