Learn word 2016, Changing text case

Changing font attributes for text in a document can really change its look and feel. We learned that in the previous movie. But there are other things we can do with text, like experiment with case. Check out the title FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE in the document we’ve been working with.

It’s all capital letters, or what we call uppercase. If you need to get caught up, just open up LH_press_release0303 from the Chapter 3 folder of your exercise files, and you’ll have what I have. Check out this area with Media Contact, and the title for President and Managing Director, you can see almost every word is capitalized.

And that’s also an option that we have here in Word. And then we get into regular text down below in these paragraphs, something known as sentence case. The first word is capitalized, that first letter, and then we don’t see the next capital until after the period in that sentence.

So let’s go back to our title and select it. We’ll go into the left margin when you see the arrow, click next to For Immediate Release.

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