Learn word 2016, Applying paragraph shading and borders

If you have a paragraph in one of your documents that needs to stand out from the rest of the paragraphs in your document there are a couple of formatting options we’re going to explore right now. Which is to add a border, or maybe even shading, or if you want, both.

We’re going to do it with our LH_press_release document we’ve been working with. LH_press_release0404 if you need to get caught up. Let’s go down to the paragraph here in our press release that is centered, Modern Events Space and Conference Room in Bernal Heights.

Down below you can see Newly remodeled. These are two paragraphs that were kind of put together, so we can click in any one of these three lines. I’m going right in the middle.

Next we’ll go up to the Paragraph group here on the ribbon and you’ll notice options for Shading, as well as lines, or Borders. Let’s start with Borders, we’ll click the drop down. It’s kind of like working with a table. In this case our table is a single cell. So if we wanted to put a Bottom Border, you can see when we hover over Bottom Border.

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