Learn word 2016, Adding pizzazz with special text effects

We’ve learned so far in this chapter how even basic formatting can really change the look of a document. Our press release here, with a little bit of bolding, a different color, changing the case, looks totally different than what we started with.

But there are many, many more text effects that we can use, and we’re going to experiment with some of them now. We’re going to do it with our press release. If you need to get caught up, open up LH_press_release0304 from the Chapter 3 folder of your exercise files. Let’s experiment with our title. We’ll start by going into the left-hand margin, clicking there to select it, and let’s change the size.

I’m going to go right to this context-sensitive formatting toolbar that pops up and change it to 24 points. Let’s change the font also from Arial to something thicker like Arial Black.

You may need to scroll down the list if it’s not one of your recently used ones to select it. And you can see now, it’s really standing out. Let’s deselect by clicking into the background.

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