Learn word 2016, Accepting or rejecting changes

When you use track changes to track the changes that multiple people might be making to a document, as the author, you’ll want to have the ability to either accept or reject those changes and move through the document doing so. That’s what we’re going to do with our Landon Hotel guide document, LH_Guide1303.

It has a number of changes that have been made. And with Track Changes turned on, here under the Review tab, I also like to make sure the Reviewing Pane is turned on. I like it vertically, but if yours is not open, just come in here and click one of these two options.

You’ll be able to see them all over here on the left. And in fact, there’s an expansion arrow that shows you how many insertions, deletions, moves, formatting, comments.

And then down below is a list of each of those. Let’s go to the first one just by clicking in Author Formatted, Font 20 pt. We’re taken directly to that. And at this point, we can choose whether or not we want to accept that or reject it, or just simply move on to the next.


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