Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Wordtracker keyword tool

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Wordtracker keyword tool. My go-to tool for keyword research is Wordtracker. It’s a real easy interface. It makes it easy to find the words you need and organize them.

So as we search for our hiking keywords, I’m going to look for a monthly average and I’m also going to look at the global universe of how these words have been searched. Now, very quickly I get the keywords that I’m looking for, and Wordtracker is providing about 4,000 keyword suggestions. There’s most likely more than that, but we don’t need that many at this point.

We’re looking to see the different words people are associating with hiking. Now, of course we have our keywords listed down the left hand side. The volume column tells us about how many times that keyword has been search in a month’s time.

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The IAAT column is all about how many times that keyword is in the title tag of pages. These are a good indicator of how many other sites are using those exact keywords in their optimization.

Then the competition column. The higher the number, the more difficult it will be to rank for that keyword. For example, in hiking boots, there are about 280 searches per month. And again, it could be a lot more than that. This is just an extrapolation of data to get that number.However, there are 6,000 websites with those keywords in their title tag on the website. We have a higher number here of 18.3, which means there is a lot of competition for that term.

The keyword effectiveness index also gives us an idea of how effective it will be to optimize for those words on our own site. Now, on this one, the lower the keyword means the higher the competition. And what that’s doing is comparing the actual number of sites that have those words in the title tag and other tags on the site compared to the amount of searches.Now, what Wordtracker will also show us is the keyword demand for the last 12 months.

I love seeing the trend, because just because a keyword is popular for a specific month does not mean that it is popular the entire year. As we go down the page, it will also show youwhich websites are ranking right now and the difficulty for those sites to stay there because of the competition. It will also provide recommended terms from Amazon, as well as terms from YouTube if you are doing optimization for those two sites as well.

Now, it makes very easy. You’ve got these tools across the top that you can use in order to refine your keywords. What I love is the question tab. The question tab is taking advantage of the newer voice assistants such as Siri, Amazon Echo, and other types of voice assistantswhere you are asking for a search rather than typing it in. And so we can see which search terms are question-based through voice search.

Now, also there is a tab here for including. And so I’m going to take away the question-based searches and I’m going to do the include, which means everything in hiking but also everything that has hiking boots. And now I will only see the terms that have both hiking and boots in them. And now from here I can start selecting which keywords are going to be bestfor my purposes on my website or in my content.

Now I can take all of the keywords that I’ve added here that I’ve checked, and I can click Save, and I have a list already created for hiking boots, and I can add those keywords to that list. Now, when I’m ready to do a little more exploration on my keywords, I can go to the top of the page, select lists, and I can see all of my lists here. I’m going to open up my hiking boots list and I can work within it here using the tools provided, or I can just go ahead and export that to an Excel spreadsheet.

And then as soon as it’s in Excel, you can start working with it that way and doing some additional comparison. And that is the Wordtracker keyword tool.

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