Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Plan for plurals

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Plan for plurals. In the case of our example, should we be using vacation or vacations? Bike tour or bike tours? The issue becomes more complex the more it is considered and measured.

The first reason is that there seems to be a disparity in the search counts that show that more people tend to search for the plural version. However, when looking at words that companies bid on in pay-per-click, they tend to bid more for singular versions.

The second reason is that those that have done their homework in keyword research and have tracked their success metrics and analytics have seen that the tendency is that plurals deliver a lot of visitors. But singular tends to deliver conversions, which adds another dimension to our dilemma.

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From a behavioral standpoint, what I have noticed is that when people are shopping early in the decision cycle, they tend to look for more options, thus using plurals. In looking for vacation ideas, people will type in vacations with an s.

When people are deeper in the decision-making process, they’re now looking for a specific option and will then use a singular version. A California vacation which shows that they have decided on California as a destination. But are still looking for vacation options. So there is no clear answer. The trick is to use both of the singular and plural in strategic ways. Use plurals when delivering content that is more general. Use singular when presenting a specific content directed product, this way you stand a better chance of matching the intent to the searcher.

You also increase your visibility in the beginning of the buying cycle as well as at the end of the buying cycle.

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