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Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Measure brand impact. An important aspect of keyword research is also to the measure how well your brand is known and how people perceive your brand online. This is especially true if you’re an established, mature business that already has a customer base.

It’s always good to know how people look at you. So from a brand impact, what you need to do is create a keyword project that is just brand based. Just type in your brand name or your company name and look to see the keyword universe of all the searches that include your company name.

An important aspect of this is looking at words that are associated with the brand. Are people associating words that fit or don’t fit with the brand? Are people expecting to find certain things for your brand that you just don’t offer? Another level is looking for any positive or negative sentiment in those searches.

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Are people complaining about your brand and they’re looking for other people complaining? Or how are people looking for product reviews associated with your brand or your products? So when you’re looking for those questions about the positive or negative searches, make a list of these things because also you need to know what are people expecting from your brand that you’re not delivering.

Also, a great idea is business opportunities. Sometimes I’ve seen that when people aresearching for a brand, they’re expecting to find something that they don’t find on the website or anywhere around the brand. But somehow, they’ve expected it to be there. There might be a business opportunity. Sometimes, however, there’s misinformation. It’s always good to keep an eye out for misinformation about the brand, things that people may be assuming that don’t exist. Either way, instead of utilizing this data as keyword research for optimizing your website, sometimes it needs to go to your public relations or your marketing.

If there are any misperceptions or bad sentiment or bad reviews about the brand, then this is a marketing problem, not just an optimization problem. And so this needs to be brought up to a higher level and dealt with within the company, because no amount of search engine optimization is going to overcome a bad company perception.

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