Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Find searcher intent

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Find searcher intent. In the keyword data that you are able to access, it is always a good practice to review the words and simply take some time to consider them.

This can be done in early stages of keyword research. But also, when reviewing your analytics, to see how people find your website. The simple strategy of viewing the keyword lists in groups that you’ve created, and then asking questions of those keywords will enable you to think outside of a simple keyword list formula, and to empathize with the searcher.

This is where you can derive the intent of the searcher and apply this to your strategy. The simple step of asking why can enable you to appropriately focus your strategy around concepts that are more specific to your business.

Also learn Advanced SEO

Simply regurgitating a list of popular keywords back on to your website does not ensure that you are found for the right concepts. In asking why this term? Why these groupings of like phrases? Why these associations? What is the expectancy of difference between a hotel and a resort? What is the difference between hiking and backpacking? How many searchers are interchanging these terms? Should we interchange these terms to meet the searcher? Or should we use them in a way that’s technically correct.

This is the part where I want you to think critically about the words you are researching. Only by asking questions and looking for insight into the searcher’s intent and expectancy, will you be able to take that additional step that separates basic key word optimization and the more advanced approach. That of thinking like the searcher.

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