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Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Search for synonyms. Many times when people are searching, they try different words in order to accomplish the same objective. We’ll see this in our keyword list as we go through and find synonyms. Words that typically mean the same thing but have different words to describe them.

A real easy way to see this is when we start looking for lodging or hotels. Or anything that requires an overnight stay. We’re going to again use our color coding to help us identify these quickly so that we can come back to them when we want to organize them.

So, anything that has a lodging, hotel, bed and breakfast, we’re going to identify those. Now those are three very distinct, different ways of staying overnight in a place and they don’t always mean the same thing. However, what we’re trying to do is just simply organize and see if these are ways that people are cross-using the word, trying to find different things, or do they legitimately mean something completely different. At this time, we’re just looking for synonyms to see what people are looking for and if there’s commonality.

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So I’m also going to look at the tour-based keywords. I’m going to color those green, so that I can come back to those. And to see what are the different ways that people look for tours, and then anything that is a resort or spa, anything like that, I’m going to color those a different color. So I want to come back and keep on eye on those keywords. And then anything that has to do with food, that is also a major part of what we offer on the website for tours, and so we’re going to keep an eye on anything that has to do with food, or restaurants.

You see, we have restaurants, we have fine dining, and then also, we should have a few more, that are very relevant to that. You see spa packages. So again, we want to come back and keep those. We see tours showing up. So, we want to keep those going and we want to again look for the different ways that people use similar words. Now, a final list should look very much like this. You’ve got a key so that you can very quickly go through and see that anything that is hotels, bed and breakfasts, or any lodging, they’re one color.

I put a few asterisks there so I can come back to it and then pull those keywords out separately. So that I can look at hotels by themselves. Then breakfast words by themselves.And lodging keywords by themselves. Anything that has to do with a tour has been highlighted, so I can see the different ways that people search for tours, spas, and resorts.And then also romantic getaways was a keyword that tended to appear. So I can go back and look and see if romantic is a keyword that is used throughout. Or, is it one of those isolated occurrences? Should I look at that from a business standpoint, or should I just group it together with spa and resort keywords? Just looking to find the words that mean the same thing will help you again organize your keywords differently.

Look at them from another aspect, and maybe come up with some different ways to attack and find your key market, so that you can gain rankings for your primary keywords.

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