Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Next steps

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Next steps. So, what’s next? My first recommendation is to go back and spend more time on your keywords spreadsheets. If you need to access the videos to see the process and completed samples, please do that.

The more time that you spend in that phase, the more your efforts will be rewarded. The prefix-suffix spreadsheet matrix is the foundational building block for my keyword research. And I hope that you see the value of the work and insights that it will enable.

Go back and produce a prefix-suffix matrix for each keyword group, product or concept. Yes, that is a lot of work, and it can take hours, especially if you have a large website. But this is how you become the expert for your keyword campaign. Next, develop a plan to implementyour keywords across your website.

Also learn Advanced SEO

Again, depending upon the size of your website and themanagement of that website, this could take a lot of time. The planning of your implementation ensures that you are targeting the right keywords for the relevant content offered on that page.

You will avoid redundancy and create clear targets when you take the time to map out your strategy across the entire website. Your analytics program will be your best friend and guide in setting up realistic measurements. KPI’s and goals will provide the best feedback on your keyword strategy. Gaining experience in your analytics program and finding or creating reports that show your success in targeting your intended audience is critical to your success.

This is not a one time application. Keywords are the life blood of online marketing and need to be constantly reviewed, measured, and adjusted as you see the trends and measure your business success. Your long-term goal is to create a marketing plan using the keywords from your research that you put into your to do later file. keywords show you what people want and when people want it, so develop a marketing plan that utilizes the market intelligence you’velearned and implement it in your ongoing articles, marketing, and bidding strategies.


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