Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Find phrase patterns

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Find phrase patterns. As I start looking at my keywords, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data, even around one subject area.

So what we need to do, is pair it down and start grouping these keywords together in like phrases. Start looking for obvious ways, to pull these phrases apart. When we’re looking at the Spa Vacation keywords, something that jumps out immediately, is the amount of keywords that are focused on a specific location. And so the best way I found to start doing this, is simply to start color coding anything that has a location specific keyword.

I’m going to color code that, with a green color so that I can easily find it and come back to it.Another phrase that seems to be jumping out, is the combination of spa and resort, and so I’m going to color that red, and there seems to be a lot of those popping up there. And so I can come back to those very easily. By simply starting to color code those keywords. Another keyword that tends to rise up is vacation packages.

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Now, all of these keywords are right in line with the type of products that we’re offering to the website. And so, this helps me understand how people search for different vacations, or for different features of the vacation that they’re looking for. And so anything that specifically saysvacation packages, I’m going to highlight yellow. And then as I go through the list, once in a while I’ll see things like golf spa. And as I go through the list, I see golf fairly often.

So I’m going to make that another colour, so I can come back to that later and evaluate it because it’s an interesting topic to pursue, and so go through your keyword list and just do our colour coding. After you have color coded. Then you pull them apart and you organize them, and of course they’re much easier to find now that they’ve been color coded. And you can organize your keywords by topic with the color coding, and then start digging in to each sub-topic, more easily now that you’ve gone through and found your phrase patterns.

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