Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Establish value

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Establish value. When we talk about measuring success in Analytics. It goes well beyond page views and visitors. The purpose of Analytics is to help you establish a value for everything that happens on your Website.

The critical factor is tracking a Value in your Analytics so that Analytics can be used a business tool. A business tool that allows to measure the effectiveness of your work In certain areas so that you can measure the return. It allows to determine which pages, which efforts, which initiatives or campaigns are providing more of a return than others.

If all you are doing is using analytics for visitor counts. Then you’re really only using about 1% of the power of a good analytics program. You see, Conversion is the goal. Getting the sale.Getting the booking. Getting the ad click. Whatever your business is about. You want that conversion because that creates revenue.

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Your Goals have to have value. What is the value of a booking? How much is it worth to the organization, how much in profit is it worth because we have to accommodate our marketing budgets so that we’re still making money and not spending inordinate amount of time.

On the marketing and the furthering of our business online and then ending up not really making any money. So the booking is our Goal. That goal has to have a monetary value. That Value then provides context to all the other data of the Website. And that’s what analytics programs enable us to do. You see when we are tracking value, we can then go back and look at all the other numbers, such as unique visitors or visitors from search engines, visitors from links or email campaigns.

All of these things then provide the context of Value, and we can measure them more appropriately. So the key is tracking Value in your analytics. Ensuring that your Thank You page is being tracked in your analytics or a Confirmation page. Any events that provide a specific goal. So that if anyone is downloading any content I have that tracked as a goal. That Thank You page is counted as a goal and then we apply value to that.

And so you always want to have parameters to track the amount of sale, especially in e-commerce Websites or booking Websites where there is an actual monetary amount that can be tracked. That can be tracked by your Analytics program, imported into the data and present itself in very convenient, contextual ways. So now a report that simply shows me howmany visits came from organic or how many visits came from referring sites or pay-per-click, instead of just getting the visitor count, I know have a Go conversion rate.

And the Goal Value and I can break that down in a Per Visit Value. I can see that my organic traffic not only brings me the most amount of visits but it converts at a very high rate, and gives me one of my best Goal Value numbers, and it also provides the greatest amount of revenue. So now with the context of value I can make better decisions as to which of my campaigns, and channels is most effective in bringing sales. I can also apply value to the pages of my Website and so especially on the blog I can see which articles are bringing in visitors that are not only reading the content, but are now booking tours.

And I can see that I have two specific blog posts that are very effective in bringing in visitors and have a very high Goal conversion rate. And they’re bringing in value. The context of value with the pages that are bringing in visitors. Now, allow me to connect the dots between my initiative of developing and marketing content in the results and the return on that investment.I can also look at the partners that I have, people that are linking to me and I can see how much, not just in terms of links to gain rankings and search engines but links in terms of Value.

What type of visitor is being sent to me from these other Websites? And if I’ve got a high value link from another Website then I’m going to develop that link and I’m going to develop that relationship with that other Website so that I can work that relationship. In order to develop more qualified visitors, from that Website, and continue to grow my business. AddValue into your Analytics tracking, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the information that you receive and the ability to make better decisions about your marketing.

When you see the effectiveness of your efforts lined up with the Value that they provide.


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