Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Do not be fooled by rankings

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Do not be fooled by rankings. We have spent a great amount of time focusing on these keywords, and how they provide a window into the searcher’s mind. We’ve looked at how and where to implement them throughout a website.

And how to use them when initially setting up an advertising campaign.As you may have noticed, there are a lot of things to consider in this realm of keyword research. I hope that you have found it rewarding and insightful.

And that you have also found ways to integrate what you have learned into many other facets of your business. The warning I will leave with you in this last chapter, is to not become fixated on the rankings of a few dozen or so of your keywords.

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This is why we spent so much time, early on, in sorting and sifting through the keyword data. If gaining an insight into the mind of the searcher tells you anything, it should tell you that searchers can find 1000 ways to search for a single thing.

Your strategy encompasses hundreds or thousands of words, as they are expressions of ideas. If you do not see these as expressions of searcher ideas, then you stand the danger of a formulaic approach that looks for success by focusing on rankings as the predominant factor in your business success.

The downside of becoming consumed with rank watching can devolve into an obsession.Rankings are a performance indicator, not a goal. While making sure that your rankings do increase, the true measure of success is more customers and more business. Rankings are undependable for a number of factors. First and foremost, is that the search engines are all working towards presenting personalized results based on your search history and account data.

The rankings you see will not be indicative of the market. Other factors are your location, which data center processes your search, your social connections will also have predominant visibility in the results pages. And finally, the integration of information and services from your account with that search engine. All of these factors align to bring you and every other searcher a very customized rankings page. For those that become focused on rankings and search engine changes my advice is to watch your business factors.

Sales, revenue, profits. And look for correlations to the content and the performance of your website. Those are in your direct control. On another note, don’t be afraid of algorithm changes in the search engines. Do what is best for your users and avoid schemes that aremeant to present you site as being more relevant than it is. The Internet is full of get rich quick schemes. For building links, creating content or gaining the insight track to the search engine.Be wary of these tactics and do your homework if you are presented with a method for gaining an upper hand in the search engines.

Most of the time, the algorithm changes are to combat these schemes. I don’t worry much about algorithm changes, because I don’t pursue the latest changes. My strategy is the same as it has been for nearly 20 years. Give people the content they are searching for. Present them with a quality experience and a logical path to conversion and you won’t have to worry about the search engine changes.


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