Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Asking why

Learn SEO and Keyword Strategy. Asking why. So getting into more of a soft skill when it comes to keyword research, is asking the question why? The people that get to the heart of understanding their keywords, not only from a user perspective, but understanding the benefits to the business and beyond.

When asking the question why. Why are there trends the way they are? Why do people use the words that they do? You see, when you’re looking for the additional insight in understanding your market, it helps you develop skills that will be used far beyond just simply gaining rankings for your website.

The more you understand these words, the better you’re going to be able to predict them and handle them according to your business. Understanding when the peaks and the lows, and the curves, and how they’re shaped by not just these things, but industry events or market forces, or events that you can work around.

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If you can know it, predict it, you can plan it. And understanding how to predict it and understand it, sometimes involves getting away from your computer and getting out into the world.

Some of my best keyword research has taken place when I’ve gone and I’ve talked to the salespeople. You see, the salespeople are in direct contact with the customers. And when I provide them with some of the data that I’ve received in developing the keyword researchand the trends, you’d be amazed at how much insight some of your sales people can give you. They’ll understand why people use certain words or why it trends at this time. This can give you insight well beyond just optimizing your website for rankings.

It can help you learn the language of the customer. And when you learn the language of the customer, it enables you to create a better connection through using the right word at the right time. So look at external forces, look at the company’s marketing calendar, look at anyevents or trade shows or expos that happen, anything that would indicate a specific intent.That maybe a specialist in your company can answer. Look also for the expectation and the specific wording and why it would happen that way on that phrase.

You see, the more you ask questions, the more you create insight. Just from the research that we’ve done so far, when comparing Southern California hiking and Northern California hiking, climate is a primary driver. It’s evidenced by Southern California hiking just drops in August.It’s too hot to hike. However, in northern California, it’s a much more pleasant climate, and so the season lasts longer. Also, in just creating the insight in the difference between singular and plural, we find that when people are searching on plurals, more than the singular, they’re shopping.

They’re still looking for all the options are available. And when people are looking for more singular phrases, they’re ready to buy. They know that that’s what they want, and then they are looking for the options there. And those are things that are only gathered by asking questions and getting beyond your computer and going and talking to those people that have a hand in the industry.

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