Learn nodejs, Installing Node.js on a PC

Learn nodejs Installing Nodejs on a PC. If you have not installed Node.js or you installed an older version of Node.js awhile back, you will need to go and install it. The easiest way to install Node.js is to navigate to nodejs.org and choose from one of the installers that you see on the first page.

We’re going to install version 4.2.1. During the recording of this Node.js class, version 5 just became available. But version 5 is just available and we’re going to continue to work with 4.2.1, assuming that it is more stable for our files. Another way that you can select a download, is to go to the Downloads tab.

You can actually download a specific installer. I’m just going to go back to the homepage and select the 4.2.1 from the homepage. Once you have the installer downloaded, you will need to run it. The basic options are absolutely okay for most developers. If you wanted to change where Node.js gets installed, you could do so. If you wanted to pick which options you want to have installed, you can do so. But I’m just going to select the defaults and go ahead and install it. Once we are finished, we have successfully installed Node.js.

We will just click Finish. We can go ahead and test our installation. Once I get to the Start screen, I’m just going to go ahead and search for the command prompt. So you can do a search for cmd. There it is the command prompt. We’re gonna go ahead and open that up. From the command prompt we can see which version of Node we have installed by typing node -v. This shows that we have version 4.2.1 presently installed.

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