Learn Node.js design patterns, What you should know

Design patterns are advanced techniques that help us improve the way we write code. Specifically they help us write more scalable solutions by restructuring our solutions into parts that communicate with each other. Some of these parts always stay the same while others are designed to change, grow, and expand. Implementing these techniques can be tricky, so this is not a beginner course. If you’re brand new to programming, JavaScript, or Node.js, you may want to make sure that you’ve taken some time to practice writing code and building applications before starting this course. This course is designed to demonstrate proven techniques that you can use to make code that you’ve already written better.

If you are a programmer with experience in an object-oriented language and you’ve dabbledwith design patterns in your language, this course may be for you. We use JavaScript class syntax in this course to make it easier for programmers who are transitioning from some other language to Node.js. Since we use class syntax, I am expecting that you have brushed up on your ES6 and you know how to create and extend classes in JavaScript with the latest syntax.It is also extremely important that we understand that JavaScript doesn’t actually have classes.It achieves inheritance through the prototype.

It’s 2018 so I’m also using a lot of the latest JavaScript syntax including class syntax, object destructuring, object literal enhancement, and arrow functions. Yes, tons and tons of arrow functions. Finally, I’m assuming that you’ve taken my Node.js Essential Training class or that you know how to use Node.js. At the very least that you have Node.js installed and you’ve previously run a script with Node. If you’ve never used Node and you don’t have it installed,take the time to take my Node.js Essentials Training course. Otherwise, you’re ready for thisintermediate to advanced course on design patterns with Node.js.


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