Learn Material Design in Angular Step by Step for 2 hours – Full Course

Learn Material Design in Angular step by step for 2 hours:

Lesson 01: What is Material Design and why should you care?
Lesson 02: What you should know
Lesson 03: What is the “material” in Material Design?
Lesson 04: Installing Angular Material into our starter project
Lesson 05: Sidenavs
Lesson 06: App bars
Lesson 07: Menus
Lesson 08: Tabs
Lesson 09: Cards
Lesson 10: Steppers
Lesson 11: Autocomplete
Lesson 12: Inputs
Lesson 13: Date picker
Lesson 14: Dialogs
Lesson 15: Snackbars
Lesson 16: Tooltips
Lesson 17: Tables, part 1
Lesson 18: Tables, part 2
Lesson 19: Pagination

Also learn Node js design patterns


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