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Fortunately when we begin our investigation of keyword strategy, there are a lot of resources available in which to use to star building your keyword list. The places that you can go to find keywords are innumerable.

There are a lot of keyword research tools, and we are going to cover some of those in this course. A great way to get it right from the source, is from your webmaster tools in Google or from Bing. We’re going to cover Bing in this session right now.You can also look at your analytics program, to get a sense of which search engines aresending people to your website, for which words, and then seeing how they progress through your website.

And if they become customers ultimately. You can also use Google’s AdPlanner. Which will help you see which words are most popular, which ones are in demand, and help you understand the keyword universe that’s out there.

Also learn Advanced SEO

Let’s go to the Bing webmaster tool set.Bing is pretty in-depth, and in their keyword report, you can go to the search keywords. It will show you all the keywords that have delivered searchers to your website. It will also show you how many times your website has appeared in the search results for that keyword, and how many times your result was clicked on, for people to go to your website.

And the average position of that keyword in the results. You can also go to this tab where it says pages served. And what that will show you, is for that specific keyword which pages appeared in the search results, and which pages showed up in the search results for that term. And so you can see when people searched for a specific term, which page tends to rank the highest, and which page people tend to enter your website seeing.

This is very critical because it helps us understand, do people like the page that they see first? Sometimes you can have one page ranking well, but it’s not the page people want to see. This is the keyword page report on the Bing webmaster tools. You can also look at your analytics program. Many analytics programs will have a search keyword report. Specifically for organic search. You can see which keywords, regardless of search engine, sent visitors to your website, which pages they viewed, where did they go, when did they leave, and how much time they spent on the website.

So you can see your current state of attracting visitors to your website from specific keywords.Another source that you can go to, is the Google AdWords keyword planner. Go to the tools tab, and enter one or more of your high level products. Put your landing page in, and then Google will automatically go out, and suggest which keywords, are going to be best for sending visitors to your web site. Now of course, because this is the ad planner, it showing you the competition level based on how many other people are bidding on those keywords.

However, from an organic stand point, we’re interested to know, how many keywords thereare, that are related to our business and the average number of monthly searches. Which will help us know, which keywords are more popular than other keywords. Those are some of the best resource that you can go to. But in just looking at some of the additional research tools, there are many that are out there, and all of them offer free trials. So there’s no reason not to go see if there is one that you really like more than the others.

That will help you navigate a good key word list to start marketing your website.

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