Learn HTML5, Working with lists in html5

We’re gonna take a slight break from our trails page for just a moment to talk about lists Now if you’ve been authoring web pages for any time at all, you’re probably familiar with at least two types of lists that are available to you in HTML I mean, most web authors have used an unordered list, or an ordered list, probably pretty frequently.

They’re really handy, for example, for things like navigation For the most part lists remain unchanged from HTML 4 to HTML 5 However, the ordered list and the definition list have changed a little bit, so I want to discuss those changes and maybe experiment a little with what we can do with definition lists in HTML 5

So here I am in the HTML 5 specification, and I’m gonna jump down to the ordered list element There’s a small change here What I want to bring your attention to is right over, the Content attributes So these are attributes allowed on the ordered list We have reversed, start, and type Now if you looked back at the old HTML 4 specifications, you wouldn’t have seen reversed.

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