Learn HTML5, Working with figure and figcaption

In addition to the structural and sectional content that we’ve been using, HTML5 includes a number of new elements and redefines some of the older ones that allow us to create richer semantic documents when grouping and formatting content In this chapter, we’re gonna explore some of those elements and we’re gonna start with the figure and figcaption element.

So I have the trails.htm file from the 03_01, found in the chapter 3 folder opened up and really quickly, I wanna preview this in the browser

And you can see a couple of things are going on here Number one, the styles are attached so it certainly looks a lot better And the second thing is there’s a lot more content on the page, so we’re now starting to work with the actual content of the page and not just the structure.

Now, I wanna focus on these two images right here Notice they appear kind of right in the middle of the article and one of them is a trail map and the second one, below that, is the elevation of the trail itself Now these two images are perfect for the figure

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