Learn HTML5, Using the address element

When most people hear about the address element for the first time, they automatically assume it’s designed to markup things like, well, I don’t know, postal addresses Well, of course, it isn’t.

That would make sense No (laughs) it’s actually designed to do something quite different So before we start working with it, let’s check out what the specification has to say So here I am in the HTML5 specification I have navigated to the address element And let’s just take a look at the definition, below all these different property values “The address element represents the contact information “for its nearest article or body element ancestor.

“If that’s the body element, then the contact information “applies to the document as a whole.

“So it’s really about contact information, and that could pertain to an author of an article, or it could even mean the contact information for an entire company And you really have to use this judiciously.

And there’s a lot of judgment call about when it’s necessary and when it’s not.

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