Learn HTML5, Supporting legacy browsers

When HTML5 was first released, one of the biggest barriers to its adoption was the lack of support for new elements in Internet Explorer prior to version 9 All those browsers are becoming a little bit less of a concern for us It’s really helpful to know how to add support for those legacy browsers I have the trails file open, from the 02_03 directory.

Now, we’re gonna do this within the head of the document What I’m gonna do is, just below our new page title, which was added ..

While you were away, I added that for you .. I’m gonna go ahead and add a script tag here Now, I’m gonna use the magic of copying and pasting so I don’t have to type all this out, because, frankly.

I bet watching me typing is boring What we have is an opening script tag Its source is pointing to the hosted, what’s known as the HTML5 Shim, or Shiv code, depending upon who you talk to It’s hosted by Google Code Now, what this is, it’s a very, very small, short snipped of JavaScript

It simply tells Internet Explorer to go ahead and create these elements

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