Learn HTML5, Sectioning roots

With all this talk about document outlines, and properly structuring content, there’s one final thing I need discuss that can effect your document’s final outline There’s a group of elements that are known as Sectioning roots And their internal structure is considered independent of the regular document outline.

To demonstrate that I’m gonna use the roots.htm file, found in the 02_13 directory Now, as you can tell by looking at this it’s a little bit simpler file than our trails file We have a Main heading, which is in a h1

And then underneath that we have two Subheadings, which are both h2 We have two Nested subheadings, which are in h3 And then finally we have another Subheading, which is another h2 Now if we preview this in our browser and turn on the HeadingsMap, you can see an outline exactly the way we expect it to look We have our Main heading up top, which is a h1 We have two Subheadings underneath that Subheading number 2 has inside of it two Nested subheadings And then finally we come back to our Subheading 3

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