Learn HTML5, Organizing content

I’ve been extremely pleased with the recent emphasis on content strategy in the field of web design You know for many years, designers, and I’m one of them, we kind of ignored content We chose to focus on visual design and user experience, with content as merely that thing that you replaced your placeholder blocks.

Now that approach ignored the fundamental role that content plays in determining document structure Without properly organizing the content on a page, you really won’t be able to structure it in a meaningful way

So what I wanna do is get an overview of the content that’s gonna be on our Trail Review page, and then organize it so that it can help us plan our document structure.

So if you were wondering what the heck is this list that we’re looking at, this is the list of the page content that’s gonna be on our Trails page So when you’re creating a new page or a site, one of the things that I would recommend doing, is just kinda doing this This is a really basic, really general content census.

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