Learn html5. Nesting rich data

In this video we will understand nesting rich data in html5. Also we will strengthen our knowledge to learn html5 and familiarise with learn html5. There will be times when using micro-syntaxes where you’re gonna need to reference a new schema inside of another one In our Recipe, for example, we wanted to find the nutritional value of our Recipe but since nutritional information has its own schema we’re gonna need to properly scope it, before we can reference its properties.

Now to illustrate this I’m gonna be working in the blog.htm file found in the 04_07 directory It’s really just sorta picking up right where we left off And what I wanna do is just quickly, I wanna jump over to the schema.org/Recipe schema and you’ll notice that for the properties for Recipe we have cookTime, cookingMethod and then the expected type of data.

So Duration, for example, would be a time duration CookingMethod would be Text Ingredients would be Text But for nutrition, the value is NutritionInformation.

Also learn Node js design patterns

Now this is actually its own schema So essentially what it’s saying is, is once you use the nutrition property you have to actually reference an additional schema If I click on NutritionInformation.


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