Learn html5, Introducing microformats, microdata and rdfa

As I mentioned, by design, HTML has a small set of elements Unlike XML which can create any element that you need to describe an object, HTML is locked into a specific set of elements that have very specific semantic meanings, mostly centered on document structure.

Now this creates a language that’s a lot easier to implement and learn and one that creates consistent documents The downside is that when you need to define various specific objects, say a personal contact or book review, there really aren’t any native vocabularies that are capable of doing this.

That’s one of the reasons behind the development of microsyntaxes These are small, targeted vocabularies that are designed to add meaning to your markup.

There are three main microsyntaxes, microformats, RDFa and microdata Before we explore how to use them, I want to take a closer look at each of them I’m going to start at microformats, which is the oldest of them, this is microformats.org You can see on their home page they just turned 9 years old at the time of this recording.


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