Learn HTML5, Grouping constant with asides

Although we’ve talked about using asides to help structure pages and section content, I wanna talk in more detail as to when it’s appropriate to use them to group content within larger sections Remember, asides will generate a new section of content regardless of where you use it, but it also gives you a wonderful ability to identify content that is related to the other content around it.

Now the trick is understanding how an aside element works when it’s used inside of another sectioning element

It’ll probably, or hopefully, make a little bit more sense once we take a look at our example And our example is gonna be the trails.htm file found in the 03_02 directory Before we get into writing some code however, I do wanna jump out to the specification really quickly, just to read a little bit about the aside element.

So the definition down here says, “The aside “element represents a section of a page “that consists of content that is tangentially “related to the content around the aside element “and which could be considered separate from it.

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