Learn HTML5, Checking document structure

We’ve talked a lot up to this point about proper document structure and generating a good document outline But other than keeping track of the elements yourself, how are you supposed make sure that your outline is what you need or what you intended?

In this movie, I want to give you some resources that can help you check your outlines as you work To do that, I’m going to use the trails.htm found in the 02_12 directory But at first, I wanna show you a couple of extensions

The first one is a really cool extension for Google’s Chrome, and that is the HTML5 Outliner This is actually available as a JavaScript library called H50 You can actually go download that from Google Code and sort of create your own But they baked it into an extension You can add this to Google Chrome Once it’s added ..

Now, let me show you what it does for you If you browse to a webpage,

When I click on that, I get what looks to be a table of contents

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