Learn HTML5, Building navigation

For the most part, structuring page navigation is pretty straightforward, although there are some specific things that we can do to make our navigation more semantic I wanna start building our navigation by opening up trails.htm from the 02_08 directory.

Now, a lot of people will place their navigation outside of the main page’s header, and a lot of people will do it inside it To be honest with you, it is personal preference I have done it either way Usually, the determining factor for me is how I’m styling it, to be honest, how I’m visually presenting it

But semantically, it works well either way Typically, you wanna have it higher up on the page content, however, so that assistive devices, like screen readers and things like that, encounter it really early on Okay After the main heading.

Cycle Tracks Hit return to go down to a new line I’m gonna use the brand spanking new nav element from HTML5, which is perfect The nav element represents a section of navigation on the page Typically, you wanna use it.

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